Self-analysis - 2014


Self-analysis is a project that I've been wanting to do for a while. Basically, the project is to build an API for products I use daily and use those to build tools that help me make correlations between those API endpoints. In my daily life I use Foursquare, Twitter, Jawbone UP, Citibike, Facebook messenger, RescueTime, and many other tools. I'm building my personal data analysis tool to be able to make queries on the data I have using natural language processing.

Query examples: 

How productive was I on Monday? This query will find productivity using my RescueTime data, and report that. Now we can create more complex queries such as: Am I more productive on days that I use Citibike? This will use the RescueTime data on productivity, and my Citibike data to see if on days I use Citibike I get more productive. I understand that correlation does not imply causation, but I love playing around with personal data. We can get even more crazy and do things like: Am I more productive on days I use Citibike have Coffee, and sleep 8 hours? This will take data from Citibike for Biking data, Foursquare for Coffee-house checkins, and Jawbone UP for sleep data.

In addition, we can also ask questions relating to social media such as: On the days I send more then 4 tweets - am I more productive? Or on the days I send 1,000 messages on Facebook Messenger - how productive am I?

I'm going to make most of my public data open - for a couple exceptions. I won't be making my RescueTime data open to everyone, but I'm going to filter it down to category and productivity rather than open for individuals to see all my website traffic. 

My Citibike, Foursquare, Jawbone UP Steps & Sleep, and a lot more will be open. For example, a sample of my Citibike data is shown below. I'm going to be opening up all this data, and all these toolkits to allow individuals to build their own Self-analysis systems, and try and help me expand and try cool things on my own.

To Do:
  • Notifications of my daily life based on some of these statistics
  • Building a platform to add daily notifications/reminders somehow
    • Using Twilio and an SMS platform to log details?
    • Or using Email instead?
    • Notifications of daily tasks I need to accomplish after this is built