Aptech - 2011

Over the summer of 10th grade I was able to get an internship at a Computer Education institute in Bangkok. At this internship I was able to develop a comprehensive suite of server and client-side tools for a jewelry company in Visual Basics .NET, MYSQL, and PHP. There was a client-side tool that allowed a workalone desktop computer to be able to communicate with the MYSQL server. The server side was a HTML template that was rendered by PHP. This gave me experience on working with other companies as I developed 3 customized systems for 3 different companies, which did help them cut costs, improve revenue, and improved their design significantly.

Moreover, I was also able to design a basic to advance PHP and C# guide that increased the efficiency of independent self study. I was able to create the PHP as an e-book for the web and recieved a lot of positive feedback. I was also able to make these guides interactive using Javascript so individuals were learning these language while practicing them at the same time. Personally this helped me to adopt the mission of learn by doing, and to learn languages by creating projects with them. 

In addition, at Aptech I was able to learn the concepts of TCP/IP and managing servers. They had a group of servers for the institute itself so I was able to learn how to manage it and how to create applications that were able to be used across the network. I was also able to use this knowledge to participate in developing a campus-area network for a new successful startup.

Learning Stack:

  • Visual Basics .NET, C#, PHP, MYSQL
  • Learning unit-tests, test-driven development, and documentation.