About Me

Hi ​I'm Abhi.

I'm a Junior at NYU, and I study Knowledge, Robotics, Computer Science, Math & Engineering at Gallatin School of Individualized Study. I focus a lot of my time on trying to understand the bounds of technology, and what's possible given what we have and what we will have. I work on 10's of projects every semester to try and understand how to apply certain ideas and technologies together, and try to understand the different difficulties and puzzles people have in the different fields of computing.

I've always been interested in software development, project management, and just learning everything and anything. I am also a proud e-board member of Tech@NYU, for which I run HackDays

You can checkout my GithubTwitterProjectsLinkedIn, or my Blog.

I also take photographs on holiday!

Full Bio

I was born in Jaipur, India, grew up in Bangkok, Thailand, and now live in New York, US.

I've been programming since I was 11, and since then I've fallen in love with computers, the web, apple, and the virtual world. I love the fact that you create something from nothing using these weird commands, and that you have complete freedom over what you make. It fascinates me how far we've come with everything in such a short period of time.

I've been involved in many projects from designing scaled websites, to helping create small communities, to just freelancing. I'm still learning. I'm planning to teach myself everything about the web - and wanting to learn every language I possibly can. On my blogs I share the resources I use to learn or I sometimes just log what I learn.

My goal as a student, programmer, and as a consumer is to create a product that changes the way people, or just the way I use computers on a daily basis. My second goal is to get a work for KhanAcademy one day or a startup concentrated on bringing knowledge to the masses. I'm more of a start-up person and in the future I'd love to work at an intense start-up environment.

I'm also a big fan of the TED conference, and I attended TEDActive 2013 and I am hoping to attend the actual TED conference one day. One of my primary life goals is to give a TED Talk that inspires and changes the way people behave and use technology like I have been inspired while watching the incredible speakers at TED. In the past I've co-organized a TEDx conference - TEDxBangkokPatanaSchool and have had an amazing experience in planning and designing the resources necessary to create this site.

I'm also a passionate trekker. I've trekked up to Everest Base Camp, Mount Kinabalu and done the Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze, Silver, Gold). I'm very passionate about trying to physically push myself to the limits and I'm always up to try something crazy, something incredible. I'm also a passionate scuba diver, surfer, life-guard, and swimmer. I love being healthy - fun fact: I've lost 35 kgs/80 pounds in the past! I take my food seriously.

I love hackathons, lean startup, spending all night creating projects and discussing life. I also love to come up with simple solutions. I'm also interested in talking to anyone who's interested in discussing things.