Knowledge and Shower

I've stumbled upon the idea that the most amazing thoughts I've had and the most amazing ideas I've had are usually developed and processed during a bath or a shower. The reasoning behind it seems very interesting as I don't get the same stimulation of thought and relaxation when I'm not in the shower. There's an interesting answer on Quora that explains this and sums it up pretty well:


There are a couple of reasons that this effect occurs and I will step through each method and ways to emulate this.

1) First of all it is a change of state, and a different pattern of thinking (eg you are doing something different - it could be using a skipping rope, boxing practice, listening to music etc). One note, a friend of mine on Twitter (joidesign) has found that taking a shower with your socks on helps her to have better creative ideas. No idea if this works, but it does for her.

2) The main impact is relaxation - eg you are not trying to be thinking, you are just relaxing and feeling good. Meditation would easily reproduce this effect, or finding something relaxing to do where you are just lazily thinking without much effort.

3) The impact of negative ions.

Applications taken from Shower Thought Principle

1) Don't live or work in a space with no fresh air unless the air conditioning system contains an ion generator.

2) Purchase a room ion generator to keep in the room in which you spend the most time, and run it when you are not getting any outside air.

3) Take frequent breaks in fresh air, and when you can't, open the window!