Med - 2011

Through 10th grade I was able to get an internship at a startup in Bangkok. This was a startup developing expert systems and intelligent agents in diagnosing diseases. At this internship I was able to leverge my knowledge of Java in developing simulations using the concepts of Foldit. The simulation took data from an API we designed and using the data in the database processed how long it would take for us to diagnose each disease. 

Moreover, most of my internship revolved around the development of an expert system for disease diagnostics. I was given a task to design the API that would allow them to utilize their external tools with their internal tools, and allow for external parameters to be used within the knowledge base. In addition, I was also given a task to create a fairly complex decision tree, which would allow them to query the parameters and different diseases in the knowledge base using some simple parameters.

Through the data analytics I did it allowed the startup to cut back on 31% of the dead-end research they had been doing. Through this experience I was able to start developing my knowledge of artificial intelligence, expert systems, and usable APIs. I primarily took this internship to help me develop my passion for the Medical applications of Computing, and this helped me to solidify where my specific passion lies in Computer Science.

Learning stack:
  • PHP, Java, SQL
  • Learn important concepts behind the development of APIs
  • Introduced to decision trees & practical uses of graphs