Storing Knowledge - 2013


I've been experimenting a lot about what type of book or website I could use or create to try and put my knowledge and what I learn onto it. 

So my problem is that I don't currently have a medium where I'm able to store what I learn. This isn't learning subjects that I'm familiar with, this is learning everything and anything. I'm more of a science person so learning humanities and arts for me isn't that easy in terms of remembering. Therefore I wanted a place where I was able to write down and in a way deposit summaries of what I learn and try search them again.


1. A plain notebook

Before creating this Tumblr I used a notebook where I was able to write down what I learnt on each separate pages, but eventually I ran out of pages. Also I wanted to search the book for other information that I had forgotten and that didn't happen either. 

I wanted to try something with a search capability and something that would allow me to go above and beyond what a plain notebook does.

2. Website (Work in Progress)

My next solution was to try and create a web platform that would allow me to do this. I'm currently making to try and make my own personal Knowledge Management/Database tool. This tool would basically take information from me and everyone else who wanted to take part in the knowledge management tool and display it with search capabilities and make it very visual. 

3. Graphic Tablet - Bamboo Splash

My next solution was to try and take both the best features of the website and the plain notebook and try and create them into one.

My first thoughts were to try and create a Java Applet for my local computer that would use handwriting recognition from my computer and the Evernote API and try and create something that would save automatically onto the Evernote Sandbox.

This was a pretty good solution but I ran into a couple of problems along the way. I needed to try and find a better handwriting recognition software as the Mac one didn't really do that well with my handwriting most of the time. Moreover, I also ran into problems when the Evernote Developer ID kept resetting after a specific amount of time.

4. Personalised notebook (Next Step)

I'm also very intrigued in creating a personalised notebook. I want to create a notebook that's made for helping you store information - It has a unique template for you to draw what you learn in terms of visualisation of what you think about it and information in both bullet points and in paragraphs. But we run into the same notebook problems of search, which is actually pretty important.

I'll be posting here with the other solutions I have on that topic, and my progress. In addition, I'll also be writing more details about how I created and did on each of the steps in the future.