Timetable Management - 2011

At High School, I took the Computer Science International Baccalaureate course. For this course I had to do a Computer Science Coursework in Java. I did my specific one in a Timetable Management Simulator that takes into account breaks, school-scheduele, sleep-scheduele and exercise. It was built for a friend who was my user.

It was a particularly interesting coursework. For the coursework we had to use Random Access Binary files as our primary source of storage, Abstract Data Types (Linked Lists, Binary Trees), the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (Objects, Encapsulation, Inheritance..), and search algorithms (Binary Search..). I was able to use most of these requirements to build my project.

I have uplodad the whole documentation here if you'd like to see it. If you'd like to run the program you can download it. It'll specifically work on Mac/Windows.

This is just the visual part of the documentation for a preview of the program itself.

IB Computer Science Essay by Abhi Agarwal

This is the whole documentation of the Coursework

Computer Science Coursework Presentation by Abhi Agarwal

This is the whole code of the program, it's also onĀ Github.

Coursework Code by Abhi Agarwal